Guitar beginner! Need tips and tricks

Guitar beginner! Need tips and tricks

I made a thread a while ago but wanted to hear some more opinions and tips maybe? My lessons start next week and I decided to start with acoustic. Any tips or tricks to help me do better with learning/playing?

Keep your finger nails clipped. It’s so much harder to get a good tone with long nails.

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Just keep at it. It can be frustrating to start with, but one you get past that first learning curve it will become a lot more fun.
Once you learn some basic chord shapes find some simple songs you like and play around with those in between what ever practice your teacher gives you.
Another thing is it’s all just patterns on the fingerboard. Once you get some strength in your fingers you can learn some bar chords and then it’s just a matter of moving the same chord shape up and down the fretboard.
Just have fun with it and pick up the guitar everyday if only for a few minutes.