Guilty Pleasure Performers/Personalities?

Who are some of your favourite actors/musicians/bands/performers/personalities that you hate to admit you like?

I know I have a few. I’ll admit, I actually enjoy quite a few of Jimmy Fallon’s interviews. IMO he’s more entertaining than someone like a Kimmel/Colbert, even a ‘legend’ like Letterman (not nearly on the level of Conan, though). He seems like a try-hard (like Kimmel/Colbert), but I think he’s much more affable/conversational than the other guys I mentioned (even if he does laugh too much)

This is still hilarious to me :rofl: :rofl:

Musician wise, and I’ve stated this on here to much hate before - Britney Spears. Sure, she doesn’t nearly have the greatest voice in pop history, but her ability to perform and entertain, as well as her likability as a person can’t be underestimated. She is THE prototype for many of the pop artists those under 16 years old today know best (Katy, Gaga, Demi, Ariana etc). I still love listening to a fair few of Britney’s earlier songs and albums, even a ton of less popular ones:

Sit here and tell me that isn’t a bop

Current-day - Olivia Rodrigo. Sure, she’s only just come onto the scene, but IMO her presence isn’t something I’ve seen since someone like an Ariana or a Lady Gaga (possibly even more than them). Both her performance ability and lyrics seems to have a relatability to it that it’s tough to see from a young artist (she’s 18, ffs). I mean, you can’t sit here and say ‘Good For You’ isn’t an extremely catchy tune:

I know I’ll get hate for these opinions, but this is what makes them ‘guilty pleasure’. Who are some of your ‘guilty pleasure’ performers?


Don’t worry, you’re safe here with the bros :100:


Appreciate :ok_hand:

FWIW as are you man, it’s fully okay to tell about your Taylor Swift liking here :slight_smile: :joy:

Rihanna. End of sentence.


I’m not a taylor Swift fan but I did like the song 'I don’t want to live forever" which are made by Zayn and Taylor Swift. I heard it on the Radio in 2016 and I quickly became a fan of the music.

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I’m not a fan of Taylor’s music either but appreciate it nonetheless. I guess country pop isn’t really my taste

Zayn has made some interesting stuff since he left 1D, though. As has Harry, obviously

why do you like The Wolf of Wall Street so much?

It’s a great movie, very inspirational…

Love the movie lol


I could watch Margot Robbie unclog a toilet :heart_eyes:

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Erin Brockovich, love this movie.

I thought we were gonna be talking about pornstars ngl from the title… I’ll remove myself

You are welcome to do so… :smirk:

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That’s why we have this thread


Ok, I actually enjoy Love Actually and look forward to watching it every Christmas no matter how bad it is.

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Also a thread I made