Guide to NBA 2K19 MyTeam, Pt. 1: Basics

NBA 2K19 MyTeam Home Menu

This first part is going to be geared towards beginners: a basic overview of what MyTeam mode is, and what the different sub-modes of MyTeam are. In coming installments, I’ll move on to strategy for starting out: what goals to focus on at the start. And other points of strategy.

But this is going to be geared toward newbs who don’t even understand what MyTeam is, or maybe are totally newbs to 2K itself.


I’m a weirdo who literally plays no video game other than NBA 2K . The last time I played Madden was before an “Ultimate Team” mode existed, and I’ve never played FIFA . The last time I played a baseball video game, the Boston Red Sox still hadn’t won a World Series in over 90 years.

But people say that MyTeam is an “ultimate team” mode. I guess. To anyone else for whom this means nothing, it’s a basically about collecting cards representing versions of different players, which you can use to create your own custom, fantasy teams for play against the CPU, offline, and versus other human players, online. You not only can indulge fantasies such as forming your own All-Star teams, or make All-Star teams that span across different eras of NBA history, you also have the freedom to play players in whatever position you like.

Card Tiers

Player Cards (and Coaches, Playbooks, and even Shoes) are graded by tiers:

  • Bronze: 65-69 OVR
  • Silver: 70-75 OVR
  • Gold: 76-79 OVR
  • Emerald: 80-83 OVR
  • Sapphire: 84-86 OVR
  • Ruby: 87-89 OVR
  • Amethyst: 90-92 OVR
  • Diamond: 93-95 OVR
  • Pink Diamond: 96-98 OVR
  • Galaxy Opal: 99 OVR

If you’ve played MyTeam before, you’ll notice that Galaxy Opal is the new Pink Diamond, and Pink Diamonds get pushed down to be what used to be high-Diamonds. And there’s other compression in the tiers below as well.

Obviously, the higher the tier, the more Ratings points the player has. Generally speaking, it’s around the Amethyst tier that players tend to be actually good in 3+ categories of Ratings (i.e. Outside Shooting, Defense, and Playmaking). Below that, and they’re either only good in one thing and flat-out bad at the rest, or they’re mediocre to ho-hum in general. Generally speaking.


Cash rules everything around us, and MyTeam has three different forms of currency, in the game: VC, MT, and Tokens.

MyTeam Pack Market. Note L1/R1 toggles the type of packs you’re shopping for.

In MyTeam, VC is a currency for the purchase of card Packs, which will contain Player Cards and other useful stuff such as Playbooks, Shoes that enhance player Ratings, “Consumable” needs such as Contracts, which get used up for each card you use in each game, and cosmetic stuff like Courts, Uniforms, etc. You can get VC by buying it with real $, as a reward for gameplay in other NBA 2K modes such as MyLeague or MyCareer, or in small amounts by “playing” the MyNBA2K19 mobile app.

MyTeam Auction House

The MyTeam-only in-game currency is “MT,” which can be used to purchase all the cards in the game in the Auction House (AH). Buying them from other players who are listing them for sale, basically.

Because it’s the center of the MyTeam/MT economy, the AH is almost a whole game unto itself. For those who want to build strong teams, but not spend $, the AH is where you can spend time, instead, to make MT and buy cards. “Buy low, sell high,” basically. At least enough to profit after 2K takes it’s 10% fee out of all sales.

Later on, I’ll write up a guide to the basics of the Auction House and tips for making MT.

You can also use MT to purchase Contracts in the game menus, which is generally more economical than using Contract Cards for lower OVR (“Overall”) cards. (See below link.)

TIP: Be Smart About Contracts in NBA 2K19

(See the above post for tips on how to use Contracts, and the math to keep in mind.)

Rewards market for redeeming tokens for Rewards Player Cards

New for 2K19 are Tokens, which are rewarded for achieving goals in gameplay and also completing and locking in card sets. Tokens can be used in the Rewards market, to purchase Rewards Players Cards. You have to redeem for 10 cards of a tier before you can redeem for cards of the next tier. I.e. buy 10 Emerald Reward Players Cards before you can buy any Sapphire ones.

Different people have different approaches to MyTeam. Some people, for example, don’t like the cutthroat nature of playing against other people online, and only play vs. CPU offline. You can customize teams in other modes of 2K, but if one already has the cards one wants to use, in MyTeam, it’s way easier to change stuff around in your lineup any time you want. (I.e. you just change your lineup…you don’t have to go into the whole Roster Edit menu for Play Now, or engineer trades in MyLeague/MyGM.)


Once you go into MyTeam, there are a bunch of different sections offering different gameplay, goals, and rewards. It can be confusing to newbies. I break them down this way:

PvCPU Modes (Player vs. CPU, Offline)

“Current” Domination Ladder

  • Domination: Domination itself is split into three different sections: Current Domination, Fantasy Domination, and All-Time Domination. In Current Domination, you face the current 2018-2019 NBA teams, broken up into ladders arranged by NBA Division.

Domination is about “dominating” the opposing team. In 2K’s way of thinking, this means achieving a certain amount of MT for in-game bonuses for various achievements, such as hitting a jumpshot, making a dunk, an assist, a steal, etc. For each game of Dom you can get up to 3 Stars, each one being an MT threshold that is 15 (?) MT apart.

You need to get 3 Stars to “clear” that game and unlock the next in the Division ladder. For each Star you get, you receive a Prize Pack, which contain Team Logos, Team Courts, and Team Player Cards, as well as Consumables such as Shoes, Contracts, and Badges.

As you move up the Division ladder, the MT thresholds get higher.

When you complete each Division, you play a Conference All-Star Team. And then an All-NBA All-Star Team. When you beat that last All-Star team, you clear all of Current Dom and get Amethyst Mark Eaton as a Reward.

I’ll write more about Domination, including how to best achieve the MT goals, some other time I decide to not be a lazy fuck.

But, for now, I’ll also note that, after Current Domination, there is Fantasy Domination in which you play fantasy teams, and then All-Time Domination, in which you play the All-Time teams of each NBA franchise.

  • Triple Threat: This is basically a return of Gauntlet/Blacktop. 3 vs. 3 playground basketball using “real” NBA players/cards. You get to choose all three of your players this time, but there’s still the same minimal strategy controls. Basically, you can control Pick & Roll, and that’s it.

Along with being able to choose all three players, and being able to play this lineup over and over, the other big change from before is that scoring is by 2’s and 3’s instead of 1’s and 2’s. So the game doesn’t favor 3-pointers any more than regulation NBA games do.

MyTeam Challenges Sub-Menu

  • Weekly Challenges: These are a set of Challenges that drop every week, that go from super-easy to moderately difficult. They reward an increasing, modest amount of MT for each win. You will also be rewarded Tokens for finishing the week’s set of Weeklies.

Big change from previous years is that, now, Weeklies do not expire. You will not “fall behind” if you start playing late.

  • Moments Challenges: In addition to Weeklies, 2K has said they will be more dedicated to dropping Moments Challenges. Usually these correspond to some IRL highlight game. Usually these reward a nice amount of MT, and sometimes even a nice Player Card. To start with, there is an easy Moments Challenge highlighting DeAndre Ayton, and it pays off 2,000 MT.

  • Schedule Challenges: These are 15-game progression ladders in which you play scenario games that culminate in facing a franchise’s All-Time Team. Requirement for using players from that franchise will increase as you move forward and, in the last game, you must use 8 players from the franchise of the Schedule. Difficulty, and typically the length/number of quarters, will go up as you go along.

A change from last year is that there is no longer a Card Tier restriction. I.e. no more 3 Gold limit.

Also different is that they will drop 2 at a time, corresponding to drops of the franchises’ Historic Packs. And they will not expire.

PvP Modes (Player vs. Player, Online

For most people, the point of MyTeam is to assemble the best team possible to play against other humans, online. Welcome to the sweaty cheesefest, which thankfully shows strong signs of being way less cheesy than 2K18, which was relentless cheddar.

MyTeam Online Play Modes

But it’s still going to be sweaty as fuck.

  • Unlimited: This is the flagship online mode of MyTeam. You have no restrictions on the team you assemble, and you get matched up randomly with other humans, online.

Thankfully, new for this year is that all of this will be on Superstar Difficulty, instead of All-Star.

And instead of last year’s opaque ELO point system for progression, now it’s back to straightforward: the better your record, after 12 games, the better the prize you get. Culminating in a Reward Card if you go 12-0. First reward is Diamond Michael Finley.

Yet another change is another very welcome one: you can reset your progress and start back at square one if you want. No more having to lose games on purpose to get knocked back down, like in 2K17 and previous.

  • Triple Threat Online: Obviously, this is an online version of Triple Threat, and the real revival of Blacktop/Gauntlet. For winning, you can be rewarded with MT, Triple Threat packs with cards, and Tokens.

  • Multiplayer Challenges: These are supposed to be dropped occasionally and are Challenges that might have special card restrictions/requirements and/or game statistic requirements. Game starts out with two: one that is “Unlimited” and another that requires accumulating 10 or more Assists (and the win).

  • Play With Friends: As has always been the case, you can play against a friend from your console account online, with no Contract costs.


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Yeah, I’d love to but I can’t afford to buy a bunch of coaches, but I’m going to put up a post to help coordinate people contributing the boosts of the coach(es) they do have, and from that we can build an authoritative list.

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What are the rewards for each games on schedule challenges?

Sorry I didn’t get it out in time for you. Hopefully this Part II is more timely for you:

See above link. I’m not sure if it’s rewarding packs in earlier games like last time, or just escalating MT.

But last four games reward 800, 1000, 1500 MT, and then a pack with guaranteed Historic Card. Don’t know how good the card tends to be.

I advise grinding Dom first.

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Will the schedule challenges be rotated between different teams down the line?

Not rotated. I believe it’s been confirmed that new ones are added and old ones stay up.

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