Guide - Available cards in MyTeam

Guide - Available cards in MyTeam

Available cards in MyTeam in this moment.

Current: 431
Heat Check: 441
Moments: 5
Rewards: 409
Premium: 279 (no promo cards)
Historic Uniforms: 338
Miscellaneous: 254

Total: 2.165 (2.181 with promo cards)

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Thx for this. :upside_down_face:


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Good job!

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you’re a bit off with the Miscellaneous stuff, for example you miss the 29 balls… my count says 2084 in the system and 2070 vailable… still 230 cards away from Pippen :frowning:


They are going to have to start releasing at a faster rate to be anywhere near collector level rewards. At this rate it looks like those top 3 opals may be attainable by summer.

The way the game is going this year no one will be around in summer

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Fixed it

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Meant January

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Keep going

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People still sadly will be around then… I can confirm tho after march you will only be seeing god squads because the budget guys will had gave up and it will only be the tryhards at that point

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You are right. I forgotten count with these 29 basketballs cards.

My count says 2.068 with all promo cards.

I have about 1840/2068 then with 2/3 of domination completed

We have a new “Guides” category, so I moved this thread there for you :+1:t3: Thanks for the info!

New update.

2.081 cards (2.105 with promo cards)

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2.165 cards (2.181 with promo)

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