Gugliotta or Sabonis?

I’m at 150 tokens but I’m not sure who to get. Sabonis is obviously the better all around player but I could just slide Garnett to center. I mostly run fastbreaks anyways so Gugliotta’s speed would help, but I feel like Sabonis would let me play an inside out game whenever that’s not working.

I chose sabonis

How’s he been in tto?

Haven’t tried him in TTo. Just mtu. Hes not slow. But I put a +5 speed shoe on him. Awesome release. Tons of blocks. Needs Relentless Finisher and a couple other badges. After that, hes a monster. Big frame. Hof badges out his ass. Hes great. HOF dimer was the deciding point for me.

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Sabonis bro!! 100% Worth it


Sabonis is a TTO monster.

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I went with Sabonis too! That’s my guy

Havent checked stats, but Id imagine Cowens is a slightly shorter and better version of Gugliotta.

I’m gonna say get the player that you need for a certain position. I chose Sabonis, but I already have Hakeem and Wilt. I’m not even going to attempt to start Sabonis over them. But I also have a opal at every position so PD rewards are useless for me now.

PD Billups

I got both for my base 11 squad, googs is really good. Sabonis, while not base 11, fits any squad and his shot is fast too.

Can PD Googs do the momentum behind the back side jump type move?

The god Saboner

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