Gugliotta dunking tendencies updated

Driving dunk: 70 to 95
Flashy dunk: 70 to 90

Makes a world of difference. Had 12 dunks in my last game without looking for him too much and in situations where he was doing layups before being updated (probably just 1-3 dunks per game previous). By far the highest amount of dunks I’ve had from any player so far.

He also only has a 15 driving layup tendency which is unusually low and accentuates the dunk value.

If you use D’Antoni and a contact dunk shoe he comes out as 95 driving dunk and 90 contact. Very nice.


Nice, how much he go for? His prive probably go up now

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idk if hes worth 67k tho

sold him yesterday for less than 50k lol

He sounds like he’d be low key fun. I might have to cop. Thanks for the info! :+1:t4:

@dna2K He is a post beast and amazing slasher, but he wasnt good enough shooter for me, maybe i just dont like his release


Hmm how’s his defense?

He sounds a little like diamond chambers. Maybe a little less flashy on the dunks?

Thanks man I’ll give him a go I think. I’m with you on ditching him if he has an iffy release tho

Good to know!
I used to struggle with quick releases for ages, but by the end of 2k18, guys like Ray and amy mitch became 2 of my fave releases

Love that description haha

That is a cute af story.
We gotta spam 2K twitter demanding they make that duo happen haha

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he is a pretty good defender

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