Guess Who They Are

All James harden



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Was thinking the same thing… just from looking at the free throws lol

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Yup lol

I’m pretty sure we follow all the same people @YuBuuBuu

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A. Dwyane Wade (2nd-6th season)

B. James Harden (6th-10th season)

C. Jerry West (6th-10th season)

D. Oscar Robertson (5th-9th season)

Harden deserves more respect :speaking_head::speaking_head::speaking_head:

Genuinely curious, why do people see Harden drawing fouls as annoying and “cheating the rules” but when AI and wade did it they were heroes? Theres really no difference

I think the way he drew those fouls for 3 have soured people, and colored their view on all the types of fouls he tries to draw.

I love watching his game, he’s so smart and crafty it’s unreal. Love his unique playstyle.

But I do agree he can become overly reliant on drawing fouls when the playoffs come, which hurts him since playoff games just get reffed differently. But he did seem to improve on that in last year’s playoffs a bit.

Some of the ways he is getting calls is terrible, mainly sitting down on the 3 and then getting free throws. And this is coming from a fan, I love harden and have multiple jerseys lol.

I’m pretty sure I could have guessed all of them hahaha

Cause they do it in completely different ways. Wade for example usually draws fouls using his pump fake and have his opponent jump and foul him. Harden usually just throws his hands at the opponent and he is the one initiating the contact and not the defender and he gets rewarded for it.

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Having your opponents jump on a pump fake and then jumping into them is also initiating contact. I hate that call!! The defender has the right of verticality. As long as they don’t jump into the offensive players area it shouldn’t be called a foul.

8.6 APG … Player B has to be Carmelo Anthony. This is too easy.

I like Beard but he disappears in big games & has pathetic effort on d — complete opposite of prime Wade who was at his best with the money on the table & a savage on the defensive end

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You are right and Wade sometimes does jump to the defender but i’d say around 90% of the time they do jump towards him so
It’s a legit foul.