Guaranteed Spotlight sim Player



Ok, there’s a couple of good ones here.

DSJ, Dudley, Paxson, Ja all pretty good to get IMO

Ja and Paxson are good ones to include

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It’s great that they included Ja, people who were on the fence about his token reward will be able to get the PD dirt cheap and decide if the GO is worth the tokens.

Spoiler alert: he’s not

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Shit i paid 5000 for ds jr and 3000 for Armstrong lol

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How will you ever recover that lost 4k MT



@anon58151219 gonna have a field day using his homeboy PD Jared Dudley in every budget squad lmao.

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I like using the Ja and Triple J duo on the budget squad. I knew that I should have sold Ja sooner. Lmao

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I got Ja, is he worth a run or straight up on the block?

Ja is very nice and even better if you have the moment Triple J diamond card for duo.

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I am gonna put him on the block for 20k which is like 10k cheaper than the next cheapest, if he doesnt sell then I will try him out

Sold instantly

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He would’ve been great for the overall cheese. Lol

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Hopefully he can bring someone else some fun.

I have bigger fish to fry…I hope

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