Grinding the new centerpiece challenges

Anyone wants to grind out the new centerpiece challenges on P5/4 if so DM me or reply here

Man I was about to grind CT offline for the centerpiece. And now they added back all the moments of the week stuff. And I’ve only finished one of those. I guess I’ll be working for those HOF badges and the near 60 wins in CT offline were for nothing.


I cannot believe they are requiring the wins in co-op. It is bad enough in most online modes, but having to find someone to do that mode is painful.


From my understanding, I’m at work, it’s impossible for Switch owners to complete the TTO Co-Op agenda as it doesn’t exist on that platform!!! So they cannot complete the requirements to get the centerpiece!!! Really smart thinking by the brains at 2K!!! Also, if you’ve lost 3 times in Draft already, you’ll need to spend 21k every time to try and hopefully get the 3 win streak going, how stupid are they there!!!


Yea I would appreciate if 2k would stop making TT coop a requirement for things like this. Or at least update TT coop to allow matchmaking with randoms.

And the draft as well. 2k you gave us a free draft ticket every season last year. And let us earn one like every week from agendas last year as well. You chose to abandon the draft mode. Stop trying to force us to play it now. I am not trying to win 3 straight with week 1 cards which is when I spent my only free ticket. And also not trying to pay 21K to just play a mode I didn’t want to play in the first place.


TTO Co-Op isn’t that bad to me, Draft annoys me more because they literally have done nothing to promote this mode all year and 21K Mt to start over is just idiotic.

If anyone needs help finding people for Co-op, mosballin has a discord with like 3000 members, a lot of people on there looking for teammates: Mosballin

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what are the new centerpiece challenges, how long are they, when do they expire?

45 days so end of season 3. They’re tied into win streaks again, not a fan of those. CT, TT, CTO, TTO, Draft, Unlimited


anybody down for tto co-op on xbox next gen? just gotta win 3 in a row for my opal AD