Grinding steals

I thought points would take longest but this steal grind is only 2/3 done!


Match with a friend. Get him to roll the ball in. Then steal it with Bowen. Easy steals. Just make sure your not the closest to the ball when he rolls it in or it won’t work


yeah dude that’s why I just went ahead and got the diamond I had two steals and like 300pts and realized there’s no way

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I knew there must be a short cut. I’ll keep in mind if it becomes too painful.

I’m just keep grinding for now. I keep him in all my lineups and he’s getting em little by little.

when the market crashed during Giannis/AD moments packs the diamond was 60k I said F it I’d rather pay that than get steals


60k is nice. I don’t recall how much the Di was when I checked but my MT was low so I grabbed amy.

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Yeah even 80k w/ a contract is good. I see that a good amount. He’s the only card currently out I can see on my endgame squat because he has everything you need from that role.

I actually enjoy grinding this motherfucker. I’m at 57 steals now after 39 games

Sold mine for 70 that night, he’s great just can’t handle the ball or dunk enough

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What’s your strategy?

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I got the steals done first while evo’ing other players on offense and focusing on Bowen on defense

Okay bro, I will tell you now but please dont tell anyone. So from time to time, I hit that X/square button. There, I said it…

And now a serious post because I saw this is your thread… Actually I just play. I think I’m a terrific defender in the game and I just time my steal attempts well. On-ball when you play on pro (challenges etc.) it’s actually easy. what fucking annoys me is that somehow, and it’s just when I try this with Bowen, the ball goes out of bounds or the opponent recovers a fumble… I swear to god I would have been finished already.

Dude this card is obsolete, try Eddie Johnson

This card still the 3 and D goat

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Josh Richardson does the trick for me. Shoots 61 % from 3 lol. Has great d badges

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No need to waste your time on steals just hmu for it I’ll get it done in no time :rofl:

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