Grinding out Evos [twitch]

Trying to get used to magic. Dudes tough


Done for the time being. Thanks for everyone watching. Ended up just rim running once I got the lead. Off balling and changed the D settings.
Don’t know any good plays with 5-out. Anybody know some lemme know. Normally just run the nets playbook but hard to do with magic.

So is Magic trash? Just got done with the triple double challenge so I gotta make that final push for him


No he’s good, but only for certain freelances. Watch the first quarter of the game. I use him most the time, then baron the rest of the game


He’s pretty damn good imo. He gets alot of chasedown blocks even if he gets blown by and is a man among boys in the post.

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I’m just worried about his speed and jumper. I like speedy guards who can pull up from mid range if the defense gets lost

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I like magic, is really good for zone defense or switch his matchup to guard the 3. He’s just not as good overall as Baron Davis or brogdon or Shae gilgeous

It’s unfair what he does to guards in the post

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Exactly this, he collapsing zones and it’s easy to kick out to shooters.

People leave him wide open too. Like he doesn’t have an 80+ 3 ball! I still hit every open shot with him, and he kills in the post just like last year. It is tough using him when someone is 5 outing though I feel your pain

Dooks on Baron

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I can’t time his shot with the shot meter. I just get to the bucket or kick it out

I don’t use a shot meter

He’s not a speed demon, but if you’re half decent on the sticks and know how to manually play help D, should not be a problem. It’s awesome to abuse his post spin/hook and then start pulling middies off the dribble when the D backs off

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Also, Magic, X-Man and Giannis are a great group to break some souls on TTonline

Well you’re better at it than me. lol