Grinding for Tokens - TripleThreat Offline/Online?


I was literally just thinking of starting this thread lol :pray:t5: The grind is here

I’m 90 Tokens away from first PD, can’t wait to choose Pierce or Duncan


Damn grats bro! Duncan is such a beast I’d def say snag him first Truth is a monster too but Timmy man…

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I found Finely to be a very good 3 point cheese shooter in TT Offline

Still salty af I didn’t snag Finley when I could’ve I’m hoping they do some kinda 2nd chance at missed player of the month cards sorta like they did for the weekly challenges in past 2k

He is very good, but i feel like his small model hurts his defence against big SF’s so he can get alot of blowbys

I hear that forsure I target him with grant hill when I see him on defense :joy: he’s also free tho so that’s dope

If you can do online one you will stuff yourself with Tokens. Picked up like 150 in 3 days.


I’m grinding for that GO Wilt right now sitting at 508 tokens. All 19’ & heatcheck sets done, A few throwback teams left to lock in for whatever I can get from those but otherwise I feel like I’m at a slump… TTO offline gets really tedious after awhile and I hear people saying the online board is trash so I don’t really bother. Wish there was another efficient source for tokens at this point

Nah, online is insane in terms of tokens, many chances for 10 token drops.


Forreal I’ll give it a go

This is not totally true. You could play through 5 ball drops 2x and the only 10 tokens be when you have 1 ball or none at all. I got like 25 tokens yesterday but this was out of the blue.

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Yeah I noticed that a lot of really crappy boards lately. That 10x token is rare for me

For those that have gotten PD rewards, did you guys lock in all of the current day sets?

I am also curious about this. I locked in a little more than half of the current sets, but then started on the HC sets for the 20% token bump (and less supply for flipping multiples). But now I have one diamond reward left b4 I get to PD level (really want Pierce although that Grant looks nice too), and I’ve got like 3 HC sets full but not locked cuz I like that profit and MT. I’m torn…

Yeah…just got Stockton to finish the PD’s. Getting the 1000 cards & locking current sets is a must if you want all the rewards.

Got locked like 27 normal collections, 1 heat check and 4 or 5 throwback ones, got all PD rewards and spare 130 tokens :slight_smile:

Im like 90 tokens away from my 1st PD. Ive only lock three NBA 19 sets and 4 historic sets. I did all 3 Dominations and got the 250 tokens from getting 1000 cards. Im playing TTO now mostly also Ive got a good amount from unlimited as well.

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I did do the 1000 cards, that was huge for me. I’ve gotten some tokens from TTO, I like that a lot (until my wife starts streaming 4K in the other room). I haven’t really spent any time in Unlimited, one of these days I really do need to give that a go.

Ok, the MVPs in Fantasy Dom keep kicking my ass. I’m up by 5-10 with 3+ minutes left and MJ/Lebron go on an insane tear and I lose by 10. The couple of times I actually managed a win, I didn’t get enough MT to dominate. So pissed off at Dom right now.