Grind for Wilt or complete team

Here is my team right now

For Christmas I have two options

1 : I try to make my squad even better with guys like Drazen or Blake or even future cards

2 : I lock as many heat check sets as I can to get the Wilt so it’s finally done (I’m at 140 tokens rn)

Which sounds the best?

Wilt would replace Jabbar as starting C

Option 1

Only get him if you plan to fully utilize him. So many people don’t even use him to his full potential smh.

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I would imagine wilt is better than Kareem, but probably not 750 tokens better. You have a sick team as is I say just stack/snipe until they release the good pds or opals.
I could see Blake killing it in your lineup and he’s a beast so you could go that route.



You can do 1&2 at the same time just grind offline triple threat you’ll gain MT and tokens but I won’t buy Blake he’s gonna be bot that good by the new cards coming out in a month.

Can Wilt be respectable from three if disrespected and left open in the corner(in mtu)? I’ve got Dikembe and love him but these offballers kill me man. His shot is just ugly and at times I gotta yank him. I’m wondering if Wilt can hit the open three online. I’ve seen him do it in tt but mtu is a different story.

The time to sell these anniversary cards is when people start locking in that set for Chris Paul Galaxy Opal. Cards should be at their max price when PD Jordan is released unless for some reason they plan to wait until later. Blake is good but I’m certain My G-O-P Wilt is much better. At this point I’m hitting wide open 3’s in TTO. People sometimes sag off daring me to shoot. His timing has been good and hes better then Kareem for sure but Kareem is the next best thing.

I’m going for the card collector reward now, about 50 cards from webber. I’m gonna try to get Galaxy OP Giannis down the line.

Wilt with the right shoe and coach can have a 74 open 3ball. His release is easy to green. I hit 3s pretty frequent with him


I have 4 PD rewards so far and I’m taking it slow with Wilt, aiming at May :smiley: No more locking sets, just getting the tokens from Unlimited, Challenges and TTO.

Since right now I’m still grinding domination with the final 7 games left I’ll try my best to get that Wilt. I’m currently grinding and trying to make MT to get my collector level up. About 100 cards away from 500. I’ll have my 2nd Diamond Reward card after I finish these next 5 games. then my 3rd after the other 2.Really grinding for those 250 tokens from collector level. How much will it cost roughly to get that much further? After that im going for Kirilenko

Nah dude just hold on to Kareem for now atleast and wait for other Galxay Opal centers later in the game.

No Wilt if you ask me :slight_smile:

I was playing a game with Wilt in a MyLeague online game lol. He had 36 points and 23 rebounds for me along with 4 steals and 5 blocks… I think I’ll be fine using him lol

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He’s more than respectable from three. He’s a legitimate weapon from deep :rofl:

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Lol wow so yea I pretty much started the grind for him last night. Knocked out 4 doms. It wasn’t that bad got a 20-30pt lead then just ran/practiced different plays from my playbook rest of way.

Edit: just saw he’s got 99 offensive consistency so that prob explains why he’s knocking them down too

I’ve been considering grabbing Wallace for this exact reason. You think that’d be a good idea or the increase wouldn’t be worth the time? I feel like not that many will lock for CP3.

I was in a situation where I could get PD Webber sooner if I spent ALL my tokens on emerald, sapphire, and ruby players. I was still way off from Wilt. I’d rather get Webber now as I think Wilt will have auctionable replacements sooner. Plus, I have Mutombo who I don’t envision as significantly worse than Wilt.

I doubt Wilt will have an auctionnable replacement soon

He has 17 hof badges, has one of the best player model of all game and is superior in every category compared to PD Kareem

I don’t see a good replacement until late April, except if you want your Centers to shoot the 3 like Gasol

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