Greg popovich price Xbox

Whats the price he usually goes for on xbox. Was randomly checking coach prizes and there was one popovich up for 10k bin that had just been put up. I took a chance a bought him and I’m hoping he goes for more :grin:

Is the playbook glitch still in the game? If so I wouldn’t go for pop

I’m not sure, but I just put him up and he’s got a 10k bid already so it’s promising :grin:

Sold mine a few days ago and went for 13k

He costs about 10k

I pulled Kerr but I’m using Dantoni. I’m thinking of selling Kerr, I can’t imagine he’ll get any more valuable. Any opinions?

I think Casey and Dantoni are better than Kerr

I’m not sure if he’s better than Kerr or not since I haven’t used him… But I can say with 100% confidence that Casey is definitely a better coach to use than Stotts lol.