Greg Oden Badges

What did everyone put on him? I’m thinking the following:

  • Break Starter
  • Pick Pocket
  • Dimer
  • Corner Specialist
  • Limitless ( I have foams on him)
  • Deep Range Deadeye

I used all of those badges except had acrobat over pick pocket

Same as OP but
One Man Fastbreak for Break Starter

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Acrobat over Break Starter but both are good choices.

Acrobat is essential. It will help him finish some tough layups around the rim with his relentless finisher, and he can’t standing dunk on people.

Has anyone else noticed acrobat also seems to trigger as well on dunks?

wait so he has 100 standing dunk tendency and a 95 standing dunk and he won’t do standing dunks on people? that’s lame asf


He might, the tendencies were just updated today.

So what’s essential and whats not. So far shooting badges are a must, pick pocket looks like a lock so that leaves acrobat, break starter and one man fast break.

5 standing dunk tendency

It’s 100 now. 2K changed it

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Same Badges

Instead of Limitless I went with pick dodger in case I ran him at PF.

I’ll probably keep it since I don’t want to invest any more in this card (white kobes).

His standing dunks on everyone since his update and his shot contest tendency was fixed as well

Also I use pick dodger and acrobat with those badges over pick pocket and break starter

does break starter have less impact for a player with low passing stats?

This badge is essential on all of my big men.

If you know the correct passing sliders the badge is not needed

Wats the correct passing sliders bro?