Greening releases on the Switch

Anyone have thoughts on whose release is the best on the Switch? It seems that the latency and green window is slightly different on the switch. Might just be that I suck but I’ve gotten some traction that it is the case. For eg., I can’t seem to green Tmac’s release at all

Guys that green well

Fast release
Base 8: Brandon Roy/ GO Nash

Medium release

Slow release
anni kobe

Feel free to name some and I’ll add them to the list


Do people play switch???

lol some of us do. Like many have said before. It’s portability is very much helpful, and call me a casual gamer but that is what I am. Trying to stay away from the addiction but this is bringing me back to days of NBA Live 05 when I still played video games.


Try out the 97 kobe or amy sig kobe release on switch. Easy green. They differ from the GO/pink/diamond sig Kobe release

Base 8 best on switch

true, nash is an easy green as well

I am brand new to switch (xb1 primarily), but shooting is def harder. Do you use the pro controller at all? I find that MUCH easier… although I’m still not great.

Nash’s release is so unnatural , I sold him after 1 game , couldn’t take it

I’m loving this diamond Mo Pete personally. Green machine for me.

The switch looks awesome but my wife would kill me if I bought a new system specifically for 2k lol

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I’ve felt the same way on the Switch. I picked up the game for $3 just to have it. Might be fun if I’m traveling to run an association on the plane or something. I dove a bit into MyTeam and have run with some really low-tier cards and have been smoking PDs in TTO with my golds and emeralds and rubies. Been having some fun with it though! Definitely a different feel from PS4, though.

exactly how I am with buying a ps4 or xbox just for this. that said, the switch has great family games. handheld also helps to let others use the living room tv

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Pretty sure it’s a frame rate issue. Seems like you have to release the shot just before you would normally release it on PS4 due to the delay. It happens in offline games as well.

KD is the easiest green for me on the switch. Any quick release is really solid because the delay is easier to get accustomed to that way.

Slower releases take a bit more practice. You have to feel out the shot so you know when to release it since you can’t go purely by visual cues.

I don’t play on Switch but the easiest releases to green for me are Peja & Klay.

would you classify kd’s as a quick or medium release?

bcos it doesn’t feel like what it should irl?

For the life of me I cannot Green any Base 8 players release (the last Green I got from a Base 8 player was GO Nash on a fading Limitless 3 at the buzzer with a guy offballing Lol)

I have crazy success with KD, Draymond, Boogie, and Base 11 Players

Base 11 sucks on switch, smooth af on console but I agree with everything u said. Are you on the switch discord?

I think it’s better with the pro controller. but then there might be some latency on that front as well with the switch connection to the TV

I only play handheld cos I’m always out and about. Never tried the pro controller