Great VC Promo

No :sunglasses:

65k VC for 8.99. Idk bro too good to pass up lmfao

I mean if you’re someone who buys VC it’s a no brainer

Damn still waiting on these deals to hit me console

Wow where are you located? Need to see if I have that deal

I got an offer once and haven’t gotten one since. I think if I hold off on buying VC for a while, I will get targeted soon.

NY. Hopefully you get it too

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Damn it I hate this game.

It’s targeted marketing. If you fit the algorithm, you get the ad.

I got the offer (living in Texas). I have purchased VC earlier this year already.

Its a random thing that can be from $2 to $100

Yes they have 44 dollar special on mine… No thank you

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I see it too, thanks @PopThieve