Great High School Bball teams all time

Dunbar Baltimore MD 1983 31-0 - NBA players Muggsy Bogues (Wake Forest), Reggie Williams (GTown), Reggie Lewis (Northeastern),

Oak Hill Mouth Of Wilson VA - 1993 36-0 - NBA players Jerry Stackhouse (UNC), Jeff McInnis (UNC)

St Anthony NJ - 1989 - 32-0 - NBA players Bobby Hurley (Duke), Terry DeHere (Seton Hall), Rodrick Rhodes (UK)

Lawrence North Indianapolis Indiana - 29-0- NBA players Mike Conley (OSU), Greg Oden (OSU),

Southwestern Detroit MI - 30-1 - NBA players Jalen Rose (Mich), Vashon Lenard (Minn), Howard Eisley (Boston College)

MontVerde 2014 - 27-1 - NBA players DeAngelo Russell (OSU), Ben Simmons (LSU)

Southwest Macon GA 1979 - 28-0 - NBA players Jeff Malone (Miss St)

Chino Hills Chino Ca 2016 - 35-0 - NBA players Lonzo Ball (UCLA), Onyeka Okongwu (USC)

Crispus Attucks 1955 30-1 - Indianapolis IND NBA players Oscar Robertson (Cin)

DeMatha Hytesville MD 1973 30-1 - NBA players Adrian Dantley (N Dame), Kenny Carr (NC St),

Power Memorial 1964 30-0 - NBA players Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (Lew Alcindor) (UCLA)

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Whatever school kyrie and Kidd gilchrist went to

St. Patrick’s (NJ)

Kyrie transferred there after 2 years at Montclair Kimberley Academy which was my rival HS. He was there and gone long before I was in HS but they have banners for him there bc he scored 1000 points in those 2 years. It’s hilarious because the level of basketball is so fuckin low, like very low level HS. My HS was typically better than them when I was there and in my 4 years we had one kid go play college ball and it was at Emory

I can just imagine this freshman with NBA potential dicking down a bunch of rich private school kids who missed robotics club for the game that day

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Hmmm uh OK!

Imagine being on a high school team in the 60s and matching up with Kareem


mfs went from Math straight to guarding LeBron :joy:


Dunbar and Chino Hills fo sho

Hazelwood west 2007 JV basketball. Jake Roberts.

The snake or the hamburger beef?


The snake burger.

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Highschool where kobe went. Lower Merion.

Wilt Went There Too I guess.

Might as well throw Ames, Iowa high school in there. I know they won one, maybe two championships with Harrison Barnes and Doug McDermott on the same team.

I remember going to a game where they played against my own high school who was really good at the time too (thank god I didn’t have to play them lol I wasn’t even in high school) where it was completely sold out. Over 3000 people there including the NC and KU coaches.

Once the game got going it just wasn’t fair. Harrison Barnes was a man against boys

Oak Hill has had a few more crazy teams.

I think Rondo and Josh Smith were on the same team, and Ty Lawson and Michael Beasley were on the same team. KD would have been on this team but he transferred before the season.

The Dunbar squad 1981-'82 had three 1st round NBA draft picks Muggsy Bogues, Reggie Lewis (R.I.P. Reggie) and Reggie Williams.

What are the odds that one high school team would produce 3 1st round NBA picks. Lewis was a reserve on the team so that is even more amazing.

Camden NJ had some nice teams back then too with Milt Wagner NBA (U of L), Billy Thompson NBA (U of L), Kevin Walls (U of L)

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Imagine playing high school ball just for the fun of it only to end up facing 3 future 1st round nba players lmao

East Side HS 2013-2014 30-2 (mentor Hassan Whiteside)

No kevin love or ricky rubio?

I wish i known them b4.I kno rubio play euro league as 12 yr olds

Were their high school teams good? This is about great high school teams and not necessarily great individual players.

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I reckon they were champs too. But don’t know how good it was. But they were dominant in their league,