Granger (diamond contract and diamond Jordan 3) up for sale

Just posted him so I can get kobe if you want him to bid on him he’s a beast. 3hr 50 min left on him

Plz help your boy out

I know there’s a rule against bumping but he’s still at 100k with an hour left so I’m Lowkey worried rn he’s a beast if you want him go bid
Him up

Low key fucked up big time lol. Did you forget it’s thanksgiving?


Yeah I was super impatient I saw one go for 320k with a shoe earlier today and I said fuck it and put him up before dinner and yeah I’m regretting it


GG somebody is gonna get a deal lol

I rlly hope not

Don’t worry a naked Danny granger is selling rn for 270 you will be fine

Yeah I saw that too i guess people are just waiting till the last minute to bid on him

Yeah that always happens my di kobe was at 100k until the last 15 minutes then shot to 270k

Are you back w that girl

Hahaha no I’m not in a relationship with her but we’re both back on thanksgiving break and hung out last night

You were right tho better things came along and it wasn’t the end of the world

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Good shit

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What he end up selling at?

Afraid to check lol

What’s good with those Nova L’s . Don’t tell me you were at those.

268,800 fuck

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