My last day of school in HS has come, finally. It’s been a long, boring four years. I know that a lot of the users here are probably older than myself (18) but for those that are going to walk the stage/ already walked the stage, congratulations! Some of us may have had an easy path, good-grades and no absences, or like me: mediocre grades and missing 6-8 days out of the year. Not to mention outside of school stuff, in my case, working at a local HEB (Popular Grocery Store in Texas).

These last one and a half years have been probably the worst, experience-wise. In the middle of my junior year, I moved like an hour away from the place I grew up, leaving behind everyone I ever knew and loved. I was that new kid that didn’t talk to anyone, the new kid that sat in the back and slept all period (after finishing whatever work, of course). I never made more than 10 friends in my time here, I never went to any socials or dances, no clubs or events, I didn’t even go to Prom. The Eagles’ “New Kid in Town” was basically my anthem for this year and last year.

I’m a loner, an insecure introvert who only cares about hearing that final bell ring all throughout the school. Although I mainly kept to myself, I had this forum and 2KMTC (pre-meltdown). I remember checking stats and updates almost every day around noon, getting hype about whatever cards that were coming. Even though I couldn’t do much socially, talk to anyone without fear of judgment, I had you guys.

I found a community here, I found people who shared a common passion: basketball and all it entails. This forum is great, and I can’t say enough how much I appreciate every one here (except @Ddrop, JUST KIDDING) and although we may butt heads here and there, I just wanted to let you all know that without this environment and community, I don’t know if I would’ve been able to get through high-school as well as I did. I really appreciate it, I appreciate every single one of you for building this and everything.

Although this is my last year for 2K, I’m glad that I had these forums to speak my mind, chat with new friends and rant about this years BS. Whenever I felt down, I came here and talked, sometimes the jokes/ quips here even made me laugh IRL. I appreciate it guys, I really do appreciate the inadvertent help and support you guys have given to myself, because without it, I probably would not have been a very happy camper.

I’ll be walking that stage soon, and I’ll for sure keep you guys in mind when I hear my name called. I don’t know what I’m going to do after this, but just know that I couldn’t of made it here without you guys.

Thank you guys for everything! I’m really looking forward to this All-Time deal, it’s going to be fun competing against you guys! :slight_smile:



As someone who missed 50 classes junior year and then 78 senior year and still graduated on time( cheated the system and all my absent were cleared) I can tell you a lot of that stuff doesn’t matter. I’m working at a big Corp with a job I love. As far as the introvert stuff, you will eventually grow out of that and be somewhat confident. Everything changes after HS. Your journey starts here congrats!


Thanks man! Appreciate it!

Congrats nerd !
Get used to not being appreciated in your business life lol.


Congrats man! You and I are definitely alike in the introvert anti-social type personalities lol.

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Congrats man. And all the best.

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I’m looking forward to it! :wink:

Congrats and good work! Pursue your dreams and enjoy life

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Congrats, the easy part is behind you.

Btw, missing 6-8 days per year is too much? In my country, tons of times some people miss way more. It is obviously expected that you know everything like you have been there.

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Congrats on graduating! It’s a big deal to get high school over with. My advice, as a former teenager that struggled with being an introvert, is to just get out there and have fun. Make yourself uncomfortable socially by trying new things and going new places. The more you do that, the more you stretch yourself and you start breaking out of your shell more. We get trapped in our heads when we seclude ourselves and it makes us self centered in a way where we think everyone is looking at us or noticing us in public and critiquing our every move, making us self conscious… but that’s not reality. Moving sucks, but I get it… my family moved literally across the country in the middle of the school year when I was in high school. I’m telling you though, get out there and have fun. It’s uncomfortable at first, but you get over it, grow as a person, and really start to enjoy life. If my 18 year old self met my 36 year old self, he would be amazed.

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