Graduating and selling my account

I’ve really been enjoying my all time pacers tesm and I’m graduating so won’t have time for 2k.
I have
Intensity with Wade white Curry’s
I’ve cold
Prime time
98 Shaq

Those sets would cost about 2 mil now which is like 400. I’m looking for 300 OBO. I’ll also take MT for the account. You don’t have to worry about me screwing you over I’m switching to play for fun since I just landed my dream job. I have plenty of references here, eBay, etc.

What is your dream Job?

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Got a my first job at Deloitte (Big 5 ) in a huge city like Miami. Couldn’t be happier.

Congrats and good luck. 2 friends of mine work for Deloitte but over here in Austria.

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