Gotta love market crashes. Best snipe ever

You guys mind helping me badge him out? Does he need limitless?


D stopper first!

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D stopper, Limitless, drop stepper, deep Range Deadeye, bruiser, and one other I can’t remember I think it was Rim Protector I’m not sure tho

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How effective is rim protector? I’ve always found it to be ineffective personally. I appreciate the other suggestions though

It is the only badge that negates posterizer, acrobat and relentless finisher. Also drops opponents driving attributes

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Gotta love 2klab. They always do tremendous work over there

Best shoe?
Edit: nvm. Pink addidas

Nooooo White kobe a.d

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WHITE KOBE AD turns him unstoppable

Expensive but well worth it anyone will tell you that here

I’ve already got Kerr so I’m not itching for the 3pt boost

Oh ok pink adidas it is then

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