GOT has the current hype and i agree that it’s a very good show. But am I the only one who thinks BB is better ? If GOT is a 9/10, Breaking Bad is a 10. Acting, , characters development, rythm, story, atmosphere… It has everything !

S tier: Wire, Sopranos
A+ tier: BB, GoT (s1-4)
B tier: GoT (s5-6)
C tier: GoT s7
F tier: GoT s8


Breaking Bad cuh >

Seeing how GoT has bad seasons and BB doesnt, it isnt even a question


GOT Season 1-7 10/10
GOT Season 8 6/10

Breaking Bad 10/10


Yeah, definitely

Watch Breaking Bad, without a doubt.

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Breaking Bad is superior. Tho, I did hate the ending. I knew it made sense tho… I just hated it anyways.

The Wire is S++ Tier. It’s better than the Sopranos and Breaking Bad. At least to me.


I just loved that ending. Beautiful scene, music, simply all-time ending. But yeah, the Wire is top top tier

The wire is The best show ever


My all time unpopular opinion.

Breaking Bad is the most over rated show of all time.

Zero rewatchability.

Ending was corny, and tied up too neatly in a bow.

Acting in the last couple episodes was a bit soap opera-ey and I think there was so much bad over acting going on late.

Jessie Pinkman is a loser, and I didn’t care what happened to him.

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Dear Lord have mercy…

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Eh, it was great, but certainly can’t compare to Wire or Sopranos for me.

Sopranos are my favorite show. Everything was perfect.

From current shows, I have high expectations for Westworld.
First two seasons were just amazing with Ed Harris and Anthony Hopkins delivery some amazing scenes.

The Wire is so underrated and unknown here in Italy, the best tv show ever imho

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Got went from 9.5/10 to

So BB and it’s not even close.

Last GoT season is pure trash


Still think The Wire is the best ever, it’s art as much as it’s a TV show.

Sopranos, SOA and BB just behind

Except the ending lol

The wire is still super unknown to the binging generation is the USA since it’s 20 years old.

I’ve been putting my other millennials on

Fuck I’m actually in gen z nvm

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Theyre not comparable at all.

Breaking Bad is an all time great show

but GoT is a different beast. The scale of that show is so much larger and so much more goes into it than BB

Of course they’re comparable, they’re both television shows. They competed for the same Emmys in many situations. Game of Thrones is set in a different world/dimension with funding from HBO which has way more $$$ than AMC.