Got the GOAT


yooooo! who is his DD with?

Mike Bibby

The Amy Bibby?

Saph i believe

This my team and its day one :frowning:


everyone has a duo this is crazy


This is what im rolling with atm

Legit 90% of my pulls have had duo’s man

Thats a solid starting team!

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smh that trash ass lebron at pg on day 1 GG


how many packs did you open?

1 league 10pack, 1 throwback 10pack, 1 league single and 1 tb single

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Only for domination bro, never ran it in supermax

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Killzamoi already got an amy giannis lol wtf

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Anyone know how much VC Killa spent… I should have 1 mil, enough for 10 boxes it seems.

I’ve been watching his stream for like 2hrs and yeah he did but he has bought like 600k+ VC

so 650k? dope i dont even want a team like his . Ill use those players for the Unlimited game i need for the AH maybe buy AD, sell everyone and grind dom. Cant wait for the first promo/crash.

Packs were juiced as hell but seem to have been toned down a bit now

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Game one lol

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