Got scammed by @tupac

Decided to sell off my mt few days ago. As a first time seller, I was willing to go first to build up my rep. My first transaction with @TheGodfather went smoothly. Then came @tupac, seeing that he has past vouches and is well known around here, I decided to go first and even gave him a discount of 800k mt for $145.

After buying his cards, he didn’t send me the payment and kept giving excuses about issues with his paypal account. Gave him enough days to resolve the issues he claimed but he is just ignoring me now

Did you mean to share your Airbnb stay? Lol

Sorry, that’s just kinda random. Anyways, I truly wish you all would not be so trusting. You transferred 800k, without payment? I know he seemed trustworthy but it’s just such a large sum. I’m very sorry this has happened and he’ll be dealt with accordingly.

@tupac I’m sick of you pieces of shit using our community, enough of us taking the high-road!!! Go play in traffic with a blindfold on, you no good piece of shit! Guys invest so much time, money, and energy into this game just to have twisted souls like you come around and take everything from them. You’re a disease, and remember karma always finds a way…

@2kgamer, another one :unamused:


Lol have some issue with the uploading ignore that

Omg sorry, that is a big loss. Looks like your getting the normal scammer run around to me. Hopefully you get your money from him at some point. In my experiences from customers having issues with payment are very very rare. This sucks, sorry!!


I’m sorry for the colorful language, gentlemen, but enough is enough. @tupac your time will come, you POS.


Yea I know its a rookie mistake

Damn that sucks

Does anyone have Tupac’s gamertag?

Damn… If even trusted members scam, where are we going


It’s that time of year, fellas, please take precautionary measures if you’re going to engage in this activity.

Man fuck these scamming shits. For everyone, always work in small increments of dealing with anyone unfamiliar, even if vouched for. Play it safe, talk to trusted community members if you’re unsure about someone.

Thing is that Tupac was trusted here. So who to trust now?


Easier to trust people with same day successful transactions. I’d be a bit leery if weeks or months have passed since last vouched deals

Could you report @tupac if you have his gamertag without implicating OP? Figured it seems fitting to get people banned from 2k if they don’t pay up. Have a 3rd party non buyer report the asshole. As a matter of fact, everyone should demand a gamertag before performing a transaction

I don’t mind being implicated since I am quitting this game for good

I was kind of curious if and how that would work. That’s bullshit that happened. Fortunately I haven’t had problems but others have and it’s unacceptable

Agreed. His tag on 2kmtc was “textah”. He purchased someone’s account there. We just need to find that someone and get his original PSN ID

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Wasn’t Tupac one of the creators over at 2kmtc? Sorry you got scammed bro but lesson learned, seller should allways go second!

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Then you can make a ticket getting both of you guys banned, I’m that petty I would seriously consider that in ur position

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