Got pd lebron

bought him for 330k with a diamond contract, dont know if i overpaid or not
Initial thoughts: this guy could do everything, 2nd tto game he dropped 9 points 3 reb and 5 ast. once you get use to his release it is deadly

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Noice! He is an all around card

normal price but he will rise up

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When should lebron rise in price? I wanna sell mine lol

With Bird / Durant at the weekend he will go down, cause lots of ppl will sell him

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I think in two days (maybe :thinking: )

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Remember people will want those 3000 tokens so their value will increase. Unless we get screwed with Anni super packs. Remember those anniversary sets are worth 7 Galaxy Opals.

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I will take these 3000 tokens rather than GO Giannis

iā€™m loving this card more & more ā€” nearly perfect sf for my needs next to worthy

might have to use durant to replace jr on the bench & bird plays the pf

pd bron will be tough to bump off my rotation

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Should I replace webber with lebron at SF?

thanks to pd lebron(and maybe a bit of eq) i just beat a tto god squad of pd melo, pd pg and pd ad

Tbh when I get destroyed TTO then from PD Bron or PD Klay.

I was not comfortable with him unfortunately.