Got pd jeremy lin

Finally got this beast


:goat: :goat: :goat:


The grind!


24 hours straight grinding?

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Wow amazing. I just got mine to amethyst. What’s the best way to grind assists?

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The grind beagle, I mean GOAT!



Strictly aim to contact dunk on your foes


Mr Beagle doesn’t look amused :sweat_smile:


Wow this guy got everyone EVOd out GGs

Thanks! I play tto offline for assist and rookie domination on points and 3s

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I’ve been going rookie Dom vs the Suns. I just 5 out for spacing. I pass with Lin to Dion catch and shoot. They hit the contested shots too. And I take my defender off to let them score for more possessions and no wasted time on D

I assume quick sts would be alright too

It feels effective but still a grind :rofl:

What are you guys doing to Evo?

No real secret. Just gotta do it :grimacing:

Wow again and again. Respect man !
Can u show us his stats please?

Wow, you’re fast mate :open_mouth:

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jesus homie gg

I only got mine to second diamond and don’t know I can do anymore!


Can you please tell me his dunk tendencies at PD?

Quick through STS. Set it up for anyone on your team and you can assist it to him for a dunk every time

Yah I’ve been doing that while doing the spotlights. Doing that 800 times for the final evo seems like it will take forever haha. Thought there was a quicker way

Wow, respect. This grind would me bore to death. Are you playing Mtu with this squad or just offline?

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You could just play DOM or anything at any difficultly and run the offense thru Lin. Might take a little longer but you’d be playing more normal.

Other than that rookie DOM with 4 shooters. Easy buckets so easy assists.

Do his dunk tendencies change at 2nd diamond?

In a game but I’ll check after