Got Mt.Mutombo

As it was mentioned before, wow! What an amazing rim protector, super fast, feels like whole paint is his. Plus that finger wagging.

I guess I will get that purple Nike shoe for him for FT and LQ.


Bruh, he wags the finger?!

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Yep, after powerful blocks, usually out of bounds.


Got him yesterday. Hes amazing.


Added him last night and he definately makes the team great!

Is anyone else seeing 77 Jumaine Jones in the picture?


Same, got him yesterday and I love him

What his amy like in comparison.? Has anyone used both?

I haven’t used his PD but his Amy has forced Mark Eaton out of the lineup. He does everything Eaton does but better and quicker.

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Thanks. Might grab him . These reward cards are too much to lol

Mutombo with a speed shoe and speed coach boost goes to 91 speed :scream:

He’s an absolute fast break eraser



Mutombos post game is no joke. Hooks/dropsteps/spins plus a middy is plenty. Also dunks like a monster.

This is what I want to know. I am about to turn in tokens for my first PD reward, and thinking maybe I should just use 30,000 MT to grab Amy Mutombo, so I can essentially get him plus another player.

Amy was fun to run. I liked him. I can only imagine how crazy the pd with hof badges would be

His pd is wayyy better but the amy does the job aswell. I would pick up thr amy and see if you like. If you do, its hard not to get the pd tho lol what other pd u have?

I loved Ruby Grant Hill, so I am leaning toward getting PD Hill as my first PD reward, plus Amy Mutombo is the market is still bottomed out when I get home from work. Cheapest I saw Amy Mutombo was 32K; seemed like too much for a one dimensional guy during a market crash, so I figured wait.

I enjoyed the FA Mutombo when I got it for the Nuggets Schedule challenge. When he was in, he was +11 and he was shurdown. He was 94 overall, the Amy is 93, so I know I will dig it.

Thats pretty good considering. He was like 60 k lol. If it was me id grab that pd duncan and never look back. Id just post up every possession with him lol

Yeah hes like the free agent card with a 30+ steal lol. Depends how u play, i got 4/5 pd and it comes down to what your use is. If u play alot of tto, then mutombo and duncan is less versatile then grant hill. Im enjoying hill, and i havent been Playing much unlimited to get the full effect of duncan and mutombo. But they are amazing. I waste duncans talent since most my plays work with the 1-3.