Got Malone with diamond shoe

I placed a bid on him with the all white diamond Kobe’s that boosts his off dribble mid range to 93, his open 3 to 99, his driving layup to 99, his shot close to 99, and his speed with ball to 87. This has to be the best shoe for him, correct? I was bidding on a Malone with red Kyries and he went for like 240k. I got this Malone with a better shoe tailor made for him for like 192k. I’m throwing this puppy at small forward. 97 LeBron has 88 speed with ball and this Malone has 87 with a 99 three and can hit any mid range shot. He can hit off dribble middy’s with a 93 rating.

In sure I can play this card at SF right?

Kobe AD’s right? Have that on my Karl Malone too. Suits him.

Yeah the all white ones with the tan sole. This has to be the best shoe for him in the game. I’m gonna use him as my starting SF and throw diamond Bird at backup SF. I think I’m gonna sell PD Harden as well. I got diamond Rondo starting and diamond Westbrook at bench PG. Harden is great but I’ve just gotten tired of using him honestly. Gotta sell him, diamond Mullin, and diamond Booker.

Anyone have this shoe on him and have success using him as a wing? That’s really what I want to know.

I dont have him Hal but I can tell you even I hate the amy cause all the ppl use him I like very much the diamond.One of the best cards hands down

yooo let me know how malone at sf goes. im curious as ive been looking at nabbing him

I use him as sf too.hes just great

Alright cool. I’ll let you know how he is mob. With the 87 speed with ball and 93 off dribble mid I think he will be able to play SF easily. 94 speed is high speed on a SF as is. Not to mention a 6’9" one with 98 strength and ridiculous dunking and post moves. I just can’t imagine he won’t be a matchup nightmare.

i run a play that gets my sf open for a. 3. but i dont know how he will handle it if hes moving in the smallest amount. but that base 90 3 is good. what is is moving 3. ??? not very good right? watch out for his ball control though. its not that great. might be bad against a steal spamming sf

Yeah his moving 3 isn’t good at all. And his ball control is the reason I was bidding on one with red Kyries but it doesn’t get him to 86 anyways so I don’t think it really would have done anything. I’m not gonna be doing dribble moves with him or anything so I think I’ll be alright. I’m gonna be spamming blow bys if I’m being honest lol.

Since you mentioned it,can you explain how Boogie can speedboost?I made a post earlier but its locked.I cant stand how boogie pass my defenders like hes Bolt.

id do the same lol. dude is gunna be a ox at sf lol

Boogie can’t speedboost as far as I know… You gotta have at least 86 ball control to speedboost. I’m not sure what his ball control is but I don’t think he can get to 86 with a diamond shoe. If he can then there’s your answer.

Haha I’m tellin ya man. With a 99 three pointer. With Porzingis’ release. Scrate fire.

I know,he has 70 bc and even with shoe he goes to 79.Then how the hell he can pass KAJ,Dwight,KG,Hakeem?

Because the blow by animation is OP as shit brother lol.

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I cant decide if that is the most annoying thing or when they hit 3s with amy malone(see above).But that Boogie bs is making me to throw the whole pc out of my window

Yeah man it’s probably the biggest gripe of this year’s game honestly.

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