Got Malone, and 330K MT, what to do now?

Don’t want to start AK or Bill

Get Bird.

play like a normal human being & put mcgrady at pg



This isn’t 2k17

Another of the: let me show how immature and asshole i am, can you guys helps me out topic :joy:


What? How is playing tmac at PG not good in this year’s game? You’re almost wasting Malone’s ability by using him at PG imo.

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It’s not that serious bro :joy:, thats just how Myteam is played this year.

Um no, i play Payton at pg and win 90%+ of my games. Its just loser mentality, but you do you bro. People would drink bleach on regular if it helped them win more.


Grow some balls op & run tmac at the point. I’ve played hundreds of games and worst I’ve seen at point is ak and freak.

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Malone at pg? Really? Trash

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“That’s just how myteam is played this year” is the official cheeser’s motto for justifying trash tactics. But you do you

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How is McGrady more justifiable at PG than Malone? He was never a PG either. I don’t cheese, just curious about the logic.


Atleast he is a guard.

Because he did playmake much more and is a guard. Yes, its still a cheese, but not an abomination.

Fair enough, but I blame 2K for this one. They made a truly idiotic card.

Gonna be more and more of these.

Yeah, at least you need a million MT to get one, not one locker code like last year.

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@Knezius Do you think they’ll give KG decent BC and SWB? I think he was a better ball handler than Malone.

Not sure on that, gotta wait and see. They honestly should make all set 3 cards GO’s.