Got him :)

Only took one atempt and i got him, Skywalker is there!

Lineup used:


What’s your playstyle, I be curious to know how ppl use certain cards

Congrats! How were ur matchups?

I’ve been facing teams as stacked as mine so it’s been hard for me so far. 6 has been my longest streak so far.

I only ball as much as possible, i try to steal the ball and i do it A LOT, frustrated people hella lot. I run plays (quick knicks play from Knicks playbook in particular), post up, try to break D with my dribble moves, take only good shots.

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How do you like PD Jordan?

Mainly even or lesser teams. 2 teams with GO’s. One had Wilt and Pettit (lost by 17) other had GO Jordan lost by like 30. Only one guy put up a fight at 11th game he lost by 4 all other games won by double digits.

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Exceptional. Can post up pretty much every guard and such. Silky smooth release. Yet to miss a single free throw which is kinda huge when you get fouled a lot. One of the best shooter with such a nice release. Can steal the ball at will. One of the best cards around, wish he had 3 point plays though :sweat_smile:

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You’re right that would frustrate tf outta me


Thought I was boutta see a limited Jordan in here for a second lol


U don’t have problems with Giannis at the 4, I be wanting to use him but be afraid of ppl posting him up

I do lol. I really used mainly at SF. Most of the time i put him at 4 i got yanked. Most of the time i ran Russell all game with other guys having about equal minutes give or take.

Prolly gonna replace him by Siakam.

Damn your Thompson looks weird. Small feet big head.

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When you steal, are you doing so with the analog stick or the button?

Button most of the time. Just gotta time it right when ball handler goes from dribble to dribble. It sometimes frustrating when ball bounces back right back to him or rolls to open shooter, but it still goes well most of the time.

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Appreciate the response. Yeah I’m working on getting my timing better. I let too many people dribble freely in front of me lol.

Love me some Bill Russell at the 4.

Mans is insane for me, constantly gets games with 4x5 stats for me off the bench at that position, such a fun card.


Ahh the steal spam gang. Nothing worse than playing a guy pressing square whole game. Except for when they put you in the bonus early every quarter.

its all good tho its def not unbeatable ill just zig and wait for the spam open three

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