Got em first Pack!

Finally got TMAC. Opened 2 boxes first day and gave up. Tried just now on my 1st pack. Sell now or wait till he’s out of packs?


Singles with VC btw. This is on Xbox

Sell if you’re not planning to lock or not planning to use him.
He might go down a bit depends on who will drop but will go back up sunday. IMO

I’m so sick (jealous) of these threads.

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Lucky big time.keep it and lock in the got a advantage. Since prices is so cheap due to the market crash.

Bro This was my last shot. He’s off packs tomorrow so I just bought the 16$ sale VC and tried 1 last time. I don’t know if I finish the VC with this packs or save it for tom or other packs.

It almost like 2k here you fussing and give you the card.i was done with 2k and said if I dont pull this card am selling my team .then at the last min i pulled tmac.which took forever.

Only missing Ray Ray and Bill Russell. Tempted to unlock my first GO card. Is Malone Good?

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Malone is Great!

Damn cash in or lock?

My advice is these cards are worth it.

Tmac and Malone are Great

Bill Russell is a Defensive God

Drob is Solid

I locked them and Never Regretted my Decision.

But First I played MTU with Tmac Drob and Russell and see how you like em.

Yeah might try them out. I know DRob gives my problem everytime I play him in TTO

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Drob is Solid man. I like his jumper he is also fast

Picked up Ray Ray and Bill Russell. Will think about locking. Gonna check if prices goes up when they are out of packs.


Go lock man! :+1:

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You gotta lock it man. Unless you need MT, but they are worth it though.

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I wake up this morning and see TMac waa going 1.100.000 MT with 10 minutes left… I would say SELL! Buuut… I love Malone! And the rest of the set is full of good players…

The thing is that I’m not really good with TMac :man_shrugging:t2:

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Congrats on the pull!

Sell now he not gotton get any higher

Ok I guess now I"m good with TMac :joy: at the second quarter rage quit when I was 15 of 21 from 3pt line… once you learned it’s green all day. When he is on fire you can shoot from wherever you want!

I would love to finish that game. I don’t know how far it could goes… Sick!