Got Carmelo, now what?

Hello guys, I finally got pink Carmelo, but I noticed that my XP is at 150,250. I thought it was capped at 150k.

Does it mean that if I keep doing challenges my Xp will be good for next season or everything goes back to zero ?

It resets back to 0 next season


You can turn off the console till next season now :cold_face:


Now you can go do my challenges if you love doing them so much :joy:

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Yeah you can continue to earn xp but you get nothing for it and it resets to zero next season.

Can I still get Carmelo guys, even if I start now?

Yes but you would have to be crazy imo

Yeah level 40 is possible in a few days if you have the MT and time but I don’t think Melo is worth all that, I’m almost to level 39 and I don’t know if it’s even worth it for me to get Melo.

I’m 31 but i will not push for Melo , next season there will be better cards , 96 PD’s with 10HOF’s are not far away …

what level are you now?

melo is a card that is good now, but can be outclassed easily. people on trying to compare his longevity to curry when curry was simply one of a kind…

melo is not worth the stress…

I still think Melo will be good for another season at least and I’m fine with that.

for sure. but not worth the loss of mt/stress

I need 4000xp left to get melo. I have till Saturday to get him. Im sure im good. Already did todays daily and weekly agenda.

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People talk about losing MT doing the agendas but I’ve made MT this season and every season going back to last year. Just wait to do the xp with players till later in the season when they are cheaper. Bid on the cards and don’t buy the one in BIN’s.

fair enough! i’ve never spent a ton of mt going for lv.40 so i only went off what i would assume… more power to ya!

That’s true but I often don’t have the time to wait for the auctions to end or for prices to drop so I just don’t buy them if someone’s too expensive. The market (on xbox at least) is DEAD anyway.

Now you can contemplate with yourself if the grind was worth it. Imo, it’s not

now you can go outside


Finally free ! Lol at least for 8 days. Then the grind starts again