Got all the POTM . I’m done with nba2k20

Typical 2K fashion. 2K matches me with 5 opals versus my 3 opals …gold and emerald…5 man squad. …for 12th game. Pulled out the win last min and dude was raging .

I’m done lol…got every POTM legitimately. What a sweat fest this year


yeah i have all 13 on 2 different accounts. pretty cool accomplishment

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yet somehow when i lose one game i always get a message asking who i payed for my 12-0’s lmao

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They probably just think it’s unrealistic for a horse to be that good at 2K.


I stayed away from MTU this year and saved myself from the anger and rage lol. Went 12-0 five times in 2k19, couldn’t imagine this year with the toxic gameplay :sweat_smile: Congrats though that’s pretty cool!

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I hate when people message you and say who went 12-0 for you and you have all of the potm and they never have any it’s always the bums lmao

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yeah that’s probably it. man i hate horse discrimination

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yeah earlier i lost a game by 2 POINTS bc a guy hit a white three with ingram and he messaged me after saying it was an “easy game” and i was like bro whats ur record and he said “that puts me at 2-0 loser” lmao


Oh lord ahaah

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Honestly I’m asking this some of my opponents too. There are so many with 12:0 rewards who have no clue how to play. I would bet that most of them can’t win 4 in row, let alone 12.