Got a PS card for graduation. Someone convince me not to buy VC

I already don’t really play with my 2Mil MT team that’s locked in and run a all time pacers lineup for super Max and other shit. I have like no MT or contracts and really just want diamond shoes for my players. I’m thinking of opening hella throw back packs. I’m dumb as fuck right?

I mean what else would u use the card for ?

Honestly I’d recommend buying the new God of War instead. Only buy VC if you really want to try and get MJ when his promo pack finally drops.

Save that. The season is coming to an end. Save it for 2k19 or whatever other games you would like to purchase.

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get GoW

I really only play 2k and fort. I could use the card on PS plus or even 2k19 lol, but I’ll prob just fish for diamond shoes

Look at my avatar for 10secs then look at Ronny photos for another 10. Choose one. If u choose the ugly one you will end up with a ruby Shane Battier :joy: