Got a milly for sale

MT straight from Columbia. PayPal is up and running with the bank account confirmed. The more MT you buy the cheaper it is. It’ll get you high as fuck.


I actually got 1.163 million MT so I’m gonna keep 163k and build me a little team. I also have diamond Boogie that I forgot to sell so he’ll be on the squad. One token away from PD David Robinson. With how cheap the cards are now I think I can make me a pretty nice team honestly. Defintely enough to compete in supermax.

If anyone wants any just message me. I’m home from work and can do the deal quickly. From now till about 9:30 central time.

just bought from this guy, very polite with entire process came through quickly as well. Trusted seller

Got 600k left for sale errbody. Thanks for the smooth transaction and being patient with me Cornell.

Bumpage. Got 600k left. Giving them fire ass deals ya heard me.

What system?


how much per 100k?

It’s all gone man. Sold 400k for 65 dollars and 600k for 90 dollars.