Got 600k for $90

Message me if interested. This is ps4. Want this gone before I buy players lol

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Holy steal

This is definitely a great deal! If I wasn’t done pumping money into this game I’d most likely go for this.

Think I got a buyer.

Definitely a steal. Almost did it, but… :slight_smile:

Lol Mintberrycrnch messaged me saying he’ll take it but he hasn’t responded yet. If that falls through I’ll let ya know man.

Do it please then donate me some lol

Haha, I can’t justify pumping any more money into this. I’m already PD Tier with this lineup. :stuck_out_tongue:

The transaction with Hallbaby went smoothly… most of us that were on 2KMTC and regulars on here are familiar with him so know he will hold up his end of the deal. If it was anyone else I prob wouldn’t have purchased the MT.