Got 50k Dr. J or Tatum?

what y’all think??
Opinions please? :slight_smile:
Much appreciated!

Tatum IMO

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He looks beastly and his ruby is lethal!!

People say his ruby and amy aren’t really different but for me, the amy is so much better.

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I’ll take your word for it and pick him up.
he has really good badging and animations as well

Didn’t get blocked one time for me. Not too flashy but still lethal

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Picked him up, looking forward to it.
already know his release too!


Any more opinions between the two cards?
I’m currently running

SG: Jordan
SF: Dr J
C: Olajuwon

I feel like I need a reliable shooter, I’ve yet to play a game with Dr. J and only have 50 k to spend if I sell him…Tatum looks good but not much a a difference at all from the ruby.

should I keep Dr. J???

Any help is appreciated

Play him then and see for yourself. I can only talk for the diamond version, but it has the sweetest dribbling and crossover animations. even his release is money.

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Based off his stats he looks amazing!!
hidden diamond tbh, I just don’t want to be let down from 3 if I need to take the shot with him but from what I’ve heard he’s an amazing card. I’ve yet to play a game with him though, currently at work lol

bro, Dr j has 88 open 3. that is more than generous for dr j. Tatum is a better shooter tho, but even with the posterizer, his dribbles are not as good as Dr j either. Just weigh your options and whatever you prefer, take it. you can always sell the card back late at night for profit and buy the other if you don’t like it

This is true, I can just slap a shoe on Dr. J and raise that 3 ball which would be perfect now that I think about it!! I can’t justify the price difference of ruby Tatum and the amethyst as there’s no difference haha. I’m going to play a few games with Dr. J today when I’m off…he looks promising

I gave my Dr. J a mid range shoe for 99 to utilize the HOF Difficult Shots, he’s just like that veteran on the team who carries to victory.

*Also, Ruby Johnathan Isaac with mid range shoe is plain unfair.

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I do know how to utilize that difficult shots badge as I am a shot creator on MyCareer. That sounds like a great idea too! I was just hesitant about his 3 ball because I know there are times where’s hes going to be left wide open for that shot and I’m gonna need to take it, but now that I think about it…even my 99 KD missed wide open corners lol

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I sacrificed amy kobe for the doctor, 100% worth it for my own team

Amy dr.J is incredible. One of the best releases I’ve used this year, crazy dunk animations, and lockdown D. I’d take him over tatum but that’s just my .002