Gopal Yao

Is any one else having a field day with this card

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I had him for a few games he was solid but not a game changer for me so I sold

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He is good, better than previous years, but not unstoppable. For now I’m keeping him but as soon as Lebron drops, he might go.


Having a blast.

Who did you run into that stopped him?

I don’t need to stop him. Playing against him in the post is not smart move, he needs to be out of the paint.
I usually force switches on him, mostly vs Giannis. After that either opponent take him out or loose the game. Also him being on floor kills your halfcourt / fullcourt press. Hit some limitless, force your opponent for an extended defense, keep kim away from paint and iso him.

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Nobody really stopped him but sometimes he just scores 11pts and grabs only 2 boards.

He’s not the most dominant center in the game, KAJ still is

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But he might be needed, when peeps stars to locking Shaq.
Also he have a big potential in (possible) TMac DD.

Yao’s unguardable literally. Have yet to run into anybody who can stop him. I’ve dropped 50 and 60 with him easily already. Also shuts down opposing bigs just from his size alone

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59 bc + 44swb + 73 lq & unguardable :rofl:
Come on…

What does LQ have to do when it comes to offense lmfo.

Lol you don’t need to be a dribble god with Yao…Just give it to him in the post or hit him for trailing 3s/pick n pops

He is a god on a halfcourt offense ,
His size make up his LQ …
But to be honest is borrying play with him :joy:

I don’t intend to argue on this seriously, as long as you like him & believe so.
I prefer my opponents have a Yao instead of Drob or Kareem.

I thought ‘unstoppable’, similar debate was goin’ on in another thread.
His defensive slowness overcomes the offensive pluses. That have to do with it, similar to why Sabonis left most lineups lately.

I havent Tried KAJ I keep Hearing about him I’ve been impressed with Yao and he’s a sniper I added Limitless and deep range deadeye and a 3 pt shoe and the dude became My consistently highest scoring card until I got Larry bird

I cant stop him. Hate to admit it.

He’s unstoppable.

If he wants 20 he gets 20. He wants a board he gets it. Want a block he swats it.

And the most surprising thing I keep saying is he is getting a ton of steals on ball and he teleports in front of passes. So many damn steals.

Best card in the game right now imo.

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There is not much you can do in the post. On the other hand, You can convince/force your opponent that he is a liability on defense so you have to abuse his weakness. Put a pd Zingis with Cp3s at C and run 3p plays. Yao owners offball more than others, cuz they have to. I suggest Quick 2 Fist 71. If you fail to shoot, you can blowby him from baseline & use a ‘reverse’ layup not get blocked and draw a foul.

Hes so big and long pause.

Completely controls the paint. I hold turbo the whole time he is in the game. In takeover he has 89 speed.


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