Googles vs tydebo

Anyone seeing ?


This auto correct to Portuguese language

This zone is crazy , Googles is a problem

Who is he playing?


tydebo2405(twitch name )

It’s a final , it’s a tournament organize by Valor

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who are these guys again? top 2k players?

This guy had winning a lot of games against comp players , specially if the tournament , and can’t do nothing against Googles in this first game

Yes , at least is what the community say :joy:

Nice time to watch gameplays ahaha

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Goggles is too experienced for TY he’s gonna give him work again in game 2

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Chat is lit af. This is entertainment.

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This pwf game was completely excused

This kid can’t handle the heat he gonna rage again

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Looks like :sweat_smile:

Lmao was he raging first game?

I would like to see more Tjay on this games

He quit