Goodbye to 2KGamer, for now

Saying good bye for now. I haven’t been active much lately. If you see me comment stuff every now and then which likely you won’t I won’t be on much more tbh.

Kinda worrying about some stuff right now with someone important to me, actually 2 (ones a girl that’s important to me and kinda need time to focus on some decisions I need to make,but I’m just worried about her and worried she might get hurt if she doesn’t stop doing what she has been lately). And kinda worried about my fathers health as well as he’s a bit worried something might happen
Anyways I’m logging off for a bit if ever I decide to return. I may just get off here completely but if I do, then I say good bye and thanks for the laughs. Do I think its the end? Who knows but not likely since I like this place too much. Heck you might see me back tomorrow lol. But right now idk. Too much worrying about different stuff…
So bye folks.


Wishing you the best of luck and do take care of yourself along with everybody else in your life.

We’ll be here if & when you come back. :pray: :handshake:

Hope to see you soon and hope your father gets okay :pensive:

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I was thinking the regularly scheduled token market updates had sapped your will to play.

JK. Godspeed, my man. You’re always welcome back here at 2kG.

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Hang in there, if you need a place to vent we are here bro lol.

Good vibrations coming your way :v:t3:

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I wish you and your family all the best. Hope that the problems you’re facing rn will soon be solved. Take care man!

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The vork will miss you bud.

Take care of your family and self first before internet strangers.

God speed.


Best to you and your Dad bro. I’ll keep him in my prayers

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Stay safe my guy

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Wish you best of luck

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Stay Safe and God Bless bro.

Remember to Look at the Positive Side of Life.

And don’t underestimate the Power of Prayer. :pray:

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Best of luck man. Can’t wait till your back

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Good luck breh and stay safe

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ill miss you. i hope everything gets better for you and we see your threads one day in the future

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Stay safe bro and hope everything works out!

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Wishing you the best bro, God bless.

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The reception here was so much better than @smithboys1 lol

Good luck brother. Hopefully they update the token market soon to bring you back!!

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Looks like he signed back in lol.

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Thanks lol. I came on to read some stuff and just say this:

I last night finally ended that chapter of my life with that girl, I blocked her from Facebook and since she had me blocked anyways I felt I got some closure tbh.

And all the stuff she said about me this weekend made me mad…
I was talking to a good friend of hers last night and she legit gets ignored by every guy and talks to guys younger than her…

As much as I felt bad for her I can’t continue to keep myself feeling that way any more. Maybe someday we end up together but highly unlikely… And as for my dad we don’t get along well everyday but hes my dad and took care of us when my mom wasn’t around so I’m grateful of him, even if my siblings might not bother with him much.

Hes got to get a ultrasound done soon I think and I think hes having problems rn with his thyroid or something but they might be worried about him even having something else wrong.


Yeah I know… I’ll be on every little while perhaps to give an update on stuff or give a like to stuff people say on here when they comment on this or other threads.

Plus I still talk to someone about IRL basketball cards too. but not commenting much tbh unless its on this post. Im signing back off in a sec. This girl has really f’ed with my mind a lot and way too much and i need time to think.

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