Good tv to get for next gen consoles?

I’m looking at some tv’s to get for the next gen consoles bc my tv isn’t a 4K one I bought a few years ago with my Xbox one didn’t really wanna pay the extra hundreds for 4K back then but since they are cheapish now (8k is the new expensive wave now $2000) whats a good tv to give me the best gaming experience, the most im looking to spend is around $400-$500 (since the Xbox gonna take a nice $600 already) looking for anything between 50-55 inches

Here’s what I was thinking about getting only because my last 4 TVs were vizio and never had a problem with them amazing quality

Black Friday sales definitely gonna have some nice TVs also so if you know of any deals for tv post them

I have a 55 4k Samsung and love it. Great quality


Monitor or don’t bother


I got on my wife years ago for getting me a 4k TV when I didn’t need it and thought it was too expensive, now I’m glad she did lol


Lg cx seems to the best lol.

55inch for Black Friday may be the move. 1400 usd … Now . I think Vizio oled isn’t bad too .


Not really a fan of smalls screens my tv stand is too far away

Yeah that’s one is amazing lol definitely a tv that won’t get outdated for years

I have a monitor for baseball and I hate it. I sit at my computer desk 10 hours a day the last thing i enjoy doing is doing that all weekend


LG is really good as mentioned. Another good option is the Samsung Q80T. A bit cheaper than the LG and has all the good gaming features. Only drawback is only one of the HDMI ports supports 2.1 which isn’t ideal for those who plan on getting both the Xbox and the PS5 but still something that can be worked around.

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TVs are getting really, really good for gaming. some of them rival monitors in the response time now.

@Jungleboys it’s really a mess right now since things are transitioning to hdmi 2.1, 120hz, and VRR being more widely supported.

with that budget, right now you probably will leave next gen performance on the table. Vizios are a good choice because you’re going to get more of the next gen features at a considerably lower price, without losing a lot of quality from different aspects of the picture. but i’d highly recommend against the one you posted.

if you’re going to get one this year, i’d get this when it’s on sale. if you can’t bump up your budget, i’d wait

pple will recommend OLED bc the picture quality is better, but I’d stick with LED, especially if you’re going to do gaming, as it will last much longer than an OLED (since OLEDs are susceptible to burn-in)


LG CX series. It’s expensive, but awesome picture.

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Not for the price tho

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I second this.

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I’m also the idiot who didn’t realize I had to turn HDR on. It was night and day. I wasted my 4KTV for months lol

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Monitor if you play 2k only
For other games tv probably better

Not bad tbh I don’t really use more than one hdmi port since the cable box can be connected to the Xbox

TVs are on par or cheaper than monitors unless you cherry pick the most expensive TVs.

a 27" 4K 144hz monitor is $700 at a steal price, refurbished. that’s as cheap as you’ll get. that’s about $26/inch

The TV I linked is 65" 4K 120hz and $1200, or $18.50/inch

ah i’d stay away from monitors for another year for next gen consoles unless you are cool w/ 1440p over 4K. 4K high refresh rate monitors don’t have a lot of options for hdmi 2.1 right now, as they usually only have display port or hdmi 2.0. and response time on higher end TVs is good enough, especially when you have higher FPS and reduced input lag from next gen consoles.

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Yeah you seen im no where close to updated on these new tv features which is why I posted this, I didn’t even know about new hdmi ports and all of that but tbh you’re right the tv I posted would just be good for right now as for the tv you sent would be better for the long run so hopefully Black Friday has some huge sales on the expensive TVs I wouldn’t mind paying 600-$700 for a tv that’s over $1k

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Ehh I try to play a lot of games since 2k gets me bored after a while