Good to purchase draft cards now?

Or will some throwback playoff cards release that will lower the price of them?

Hard to say, are we supposed to get more content ?

Will they continue dropping in price?

I’m curious too if nows a good time to pick up PD kat? He’s settling at a decent price right now

Im tryna figure this out too. May pickup ad to replace kp.

What’s the going rate for AD right now on PS4? Stuck at work for the next couple of hours.

There’s a chance the packs are limited but then again hopefully more throwbacks can drop so I can buy wilt, pd Wall and Wiggins

Wiggins look like a beast to play next to tmac off my bench

Like just during the draft tonight and they will remove them?

I doubt it makes them too much money

I said F it and got Simmons. I have like 600k left, unless PD Simmons drops I’m going to start doing ridiculous shit with my MT or maybe a giveaway.

It’s possible but I actually doubt it since 2k about money

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Only have enough for either AD or KAT who do I go for i can’t decide.

Yea I don’t even know who to go for either

I bet AD is better

Was thinking of getting the diamond kat and Pd AD … gotta sell a few more cards to do so tho

PD AD >>>>>>>>>>>>> PD KAT.

KAT’s jumper is… trash.

Stat wise AD is slightly worse but AD can speed boost so I might just go with him

It can be that bad right ? For a center ?

It’s bad. He gets closed out on all the time. Especially with the lag.

Is it me or have AD and KAT gone up in price in the last 30 minutes.