Good Shoe + For Lamelo

Anyone have good tips on good shoe boosts for Lamelo ? Thanks in advance

Just looking at his stats I’d want to boost speed, speed with ball, perimeter D, Stamina, Accel.

If you’ve got a coach that boosts some of those already then maybe strength/interior/block

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I added Interior D, Speed w/ Ball, Acceleration, Strength, & Hands… Rick Adelman is my coach.

How do you rate him? Can’t see him replacing Luka or Giddey at my PG spots but Lamelo always tempting!

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He doesnt replace Luka but is very close!

I’ve badged out Giddey and love the way he moves and defends. He’s got 37 HOFs so I don’t think Lamelo removes him either.

Will just have the live without him, haha

He’s the 3rd best PG I’ve used behind the GOAT and Luka. I’ve been playing current gen lately, so I just don’t need Luka. Honestly, LaMelo might be equal to Luka on current, in my opinion.

That being said, I added 5-6 HOFs to Melo, including Brick Wall, so that might make a difference.