Good Shoe boosts for Penny

Any suggestions, thank in advance

The invincible?

He only has 5 stats that aren’t 99 so I’d say those 5, haha

Strength, interior D, standing dunk, both rebounds


Is there an argument for boosting over 99 and this countering nerfs from defensive badges?

Or is that a dispelled notion?

I thought coach and shoe could effect your takeover? Probably wrong. There’s thought that stats can be increased beyond 99 without being visible from pros.

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Good question! Sort of thing I don’t know any more.


Luckily takeover in 2k22 way less overpowered than year ago. I dont see much difference with activated takeover

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Coach and shoe certainly affect takeover.

Just a few days ago I realized my Cedric Maxwell had defensive stopper takeover with +4 speed/speed with ball/acc./stamina/strength and Lenny Wilkins as coach. Tried another coach with same takeover. Then D’antoni gave him slasher takeover.

So I realized I had to get his three ball to 99 for sharp takeover. Made a new shoe, substituting +4 three for speed. With Lenny, new Cedric has sharp takeover


On it!