Good price for go magic?

Will his price go back to 500k or will he stay around 350 l Mark. I think about picking up magic before you out of packs again. .

no one knows how the market will move. depending on information we don’t have he could go up or he could go down.

but 350 seems like a really good price for such a good card.

I didnt want to sell Kareem but i already got plenty of defensive players and plus I don’t want to set on mt and Kareem drop in price. So i going to try magic out . Ben at the one and magic at the 2.

Price is good cop him now

Best PG rn, I’ve used Giannis, ben, and LBJ at PG, and Magic is the best by far…

Soon Kareem sell I’m going to pick him up and add contract and shoe. What shoe y’all using on him?


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Sound good. Those my favorite diamond shoes.

Oscar is better than Magic


Is Oscar better at the 1 or 2?

At the 1. He bullies everyone, has a great moving behind the back and he throws down dunks like an animal and clamps up anyone, he’s shut down so many Doncics that I’ve faced. Love this card. His jumper isnt lightening quick but very smooth and easy to time.