Good playbooks outside the usual (Knicks, Lakers, Magic)?

What are some money playbooks I should check out?

Mavericks is very good… Wizards i think is the same as magic…

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Grizzlies, thunder, Hawks, pelicans, raptors, Pistons, 01 sixers, 98 spurs, 94 rockets, bulls, and Mavericks.

Been using 2001 Sixers all year


Nets is alright




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Suns, Hawks, 96/98 Bulls if you’re into that triangle spacing shit

Hawks is basically Magic with extra 3point plays. I switched over and sold my magic and wizards playbook for 20k each.


Pelicans N Nets

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I didn’t realize that- been rocking Hawks most of the year.


Yup, got all the money 3 point plays like punch flare, box flare, horns flare, quick floppy, and added quick 2 fist 71 and a couple of other good ones.

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Yeah I’m a fan. Switched to Bucks for a minute but meh.

snag the hawks playbook, exact same as wizards/magic and it’s way cheaper

Current bulls is solid.
Iso rip
Iso 3 and 32
Some fist 92 action.
Quick 3 zipper
Good options

I used it up until an week ago when I said fuck it, and got Magic pb for quick horns.

just missed a wizards book for 1,250

Never understood why people pay so much for those books when Hawks was pretty much 500 Mt all year. Then again, we don’t have the brightest community. Just look at the contracts debacle.

I didn’t even know that. I shelled out 9k for Magic book. Woops