Good Idea to Start Badging Up Players?

With all these badges and HOF badges we May accrue, would it be a bad idea to start badging up say diamonds ? Or is too early in the cycle for that

No bro No. Too Early



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Sheesh, I got all these just sitting there lol but you right

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Keep the hof ones for sure

Honestly, only clamps badges.

I sold all my badges. Gold clamps went for 10k for example.

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You can’t sell badges separately?

I was thinking if maybe just upgrading certain ones to silver and keep the rest, and for sure HOF not using them

yes you can, except the HOF I think

I slapped hof deep fades to my d Hakeem. It feels pretty good.

got a bronze quick first step for cheap and put it on ben but that’s about it i’ll be shocked it i use any of my current players in 2-3 weeks so it’s not worth it

Sell all your badges sometime in the middle of next week once the preorder packs are purged from people’s inventory.

None of these players are worth badging up except maybe the budget cards for limited.

If you have MT to burn - badging your players will definitely give you a pretty big advantage right now.

Just up to you if its worth it.

Not yet

I am keeping all of my HOF badges,diamond contracts and shoes for the diamond and pink diamond cards come out

But I have put a few badges on the cards I use the most but I have applied more than 2 gold per card if trying to save as many as I can to make a card all badged out

When u badge a player from the new packs like Bird, do u lose all the badges they originally came with?