Good guitar DVD's to learn from?

Been getting back into learning again some more stuff and looking for something to keep me occupied and to help me become a better guitar player. So to all those on here who play guitar is there any good DVD’s to learn from??


If you want to save money use YouTube. A good way to learn is pick two songs you like a week and try to do those. Pick songs that look like your skill level and nothing super advanced. Watch tutorials on songs because it helps to see and hear how to play it. Learn to read guitar tabs if you don’t know how. It’s some of the best exercise your brain can get. Just about everything you need is free on the internet if you look.

Nah be careful with youtube cause you can pick up bad habits. I recommend taking a few lessons just so you can focus on you

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yeah the thing with youtube is there is a lot yes, but some i find way too hard to follow lol. I learned how to read tabs easily. as soon as i seen them i knew how to read it lol. I find with dvds at least most are more accurate and professional musicians are teaching them, whereas on youtube not all is as accurate. theres a few i do use from youtube

yeah lessons are way better as well since you can learn more through having an actual teacher instead and having a chance to interact with them and learning through them better. a teacher can be a bit pricey as well. if i ever did have kids or wanted to help some people out someday tho i thought dvds would be alright since they seem really great if you buy the right ones.

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