Good chance we get nba 2k20 myteam content till mid October

Woj just laid out the plan for the NBA to return, and the season will resume July 31st and apparently end October 12th. Assuming we get playoff content and 2k21 is pushed back, we will be getting myteam content in 2k20 for over a year. It feel like myteam will be reenergized now that play will resume, like its March or April again.

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Ngl I doubt it


It’s impossible to extend this game thru october

I’m trying to get Bugs Bunny to play with my Goat MJ.


No way in hell. I expect content to stop soon actually.

2k21 will come out and capitalize on the return of the NBA.

I’m over 2k20 now with the NBA coming back.

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They gonna be giving out atleast 20 99 everything cards by then

The game is garbage I can’t take more of it than we already are being dragged through.

2k while a bunch of crooks are not stupid

I wouldn’t be surprised if they actually ended the game sooner

40 mil mt goat bugs bunny is the lock for the goat collection

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It’s looking like that might be the case it’s a good thing I got Kobe 2 days ago time to start playing other game so like breath of the Wild and odyssey

Nah 2k21 will start during playoff, that will be strange

By that point we will have g league players getting opals

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2K CEO already said they’re not delaying 2k21. So… Nope.

If they don’t allow porting data to next Gen they won’t sell a copy in September :joy:


We already have that homie…Bol Bol

Maybe if they did events and added game modes they wouldn’t have to keep adding players :upside_down_face:

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Idk how content rollouts are gonna work in 2k21 given the timeline. Are we gonna get a diamond Finals MVP Kawhi or LeBron and a diamond MVP Giannis in October like bruh. Gonna be so weird.

2K21 gonna be an another unfinished game from 2K. I guess if its on PS5, the game modes will be limited. I think they’re still going to continue MyTeam on PS4’s

they are a monopoly, everything that they will do will result in success anyway.

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Your hands gotta hurt after a grind like that

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His stats are GOATED